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Saturday, January 8, 2011

need batteries to charge :/

argh, sorry for no more video or outfit posts. it really makes me sad, but honestly my outfits have been soo boring lately, and well, my batteries are dead. they are actually charging right now so hopefully they will be full by tomorrow. Tomorrow i am going back to my nan's house, in Ellenbrook, which is actually pre far away from any MAJA shopping centres :( but still, they have a cute little salvo's down there were I can probably pick up some cool outfits and do some more outfit posts. so if you see a different background in my pictures or video's its because i am not at home.
i will post some pictures tomorrow (hopefully :D) so speak to you then :D
elegante ebb
p.s: check out my new tumblr account http://oohla-ebby.tumblr.com/
thanx guys

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