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Monday, January 17, 2011

16thofJan2o1o style diary

Hey guys, as promised a style diary diary I filmed on sunday, at my nan's unit in North Perth. Just a quick recapp, the shorts were $1o from Dotti (they were on sale), the top was free from Girlfriend magazine but it was from Huntingbird, the shoes that I showed you were from Switch but I paid $5 for them at a swap meet and the watch was from Finders Keepers, free from Dolly magazine. There wasn't really very much to this outfit, I'm trying to discover what else I can match with these shorts, there like my favourite!!!
Anyway my tumblr is going absolutley fantastic, 69 (tehe) loyal followers, and i'm in love with nearly every blog i read, i follow 19o people!!!! I'm still addicted to the LLYMLRS blog (if thats how you spell it) and im using up all of my tumblr uploads everyday. hopefully i will get out a bit more to dress up and do another style diary for use before school starts (i really need to go school shopping).
hope you have a great week :) share your thoughts.
elegante ebb

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