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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Supre jacket
Ladakah dress
Diva Necklace
Second hand belt and hat
Target shoes
Finders Keepers
Diva bracelets.

Monday, October 18, 2010

LC and Audrina, Pixie Lott, Rosie Huntington whitley, leighton meester, ashley tisdale, miranda kerr, nicole richie,  emma watson and audrey hepburn, gurls that inspire me at this moment in time. Chanel, Richard Nicoll, Dolce & Gabana, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Baby Phat, Lagerfeld, Miss Sixty, Anna Sui and Rochas, labels that I absolutley love today. Tell me who u lov..........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

having sum help

my friends from facebook will be helping me choose my favourite of the day, so it might get up tomorrow morning, you can check out what people are likeing the most at the moment!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Favourite of the Day

I'm pretty shore this girl is from Australia, isnt she just sooo pretty, I love the stockings!!! Leave a comment!!! xxx

turning 12

This is one of the many pictures taken last year at my Pastel Party. My mum made all of the food it looked and tasted ah-mazing!!!!

Favourite of the Day

Besides the Beiber crew cut hairstyle I absolutley love this look <3
leave a comment on what you think about it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Favourite of the Day

I cannot remember which blog I found this picture on but I absolutely love the soft theme. I was in Dotti the other day and the mannequin was wearing this amazing grey high socks with little bows, they were the last pair, so I got some for $7.50 at Ruby Shoes (without the bows :(.....). The little dangly pearl earrings, well you can get a pair of those at Diva and rite now there only $3!Pearls are a fave of mine and I always wear my hair up when wearing them. Comment and tell me wat u like about this look! <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010

it's time to go

for the past few days i have been posting from my nanna's computer in Ellenbrook. I'm leaving this morning with my gossip girl duffel bag packed with my clothes and my Supre cupcake bag packed with my hair and make-up needs, but inside my Girlfriend Duffel bag, I have wat i live for. About a quarter or 1.5% of my fashion magazine collection is in my gf duffel bag, I've got teen vogue, shop till you drop, girlfriend, dolly, madison and emporium, there all great and I've been in my room watching bring it on 1 and 2(oh how i long to be a cheerleader!), 17 Again (Zac Efron!Woo!), Hotel for Dogs(cute but tacky clothes) and the Hannah Montana Movie (I much prefer Hannah's clothes to Miley's because i Love my sparkles!) I'm going back home to Ballajura, movie and shopping dates with my friends is what I am looking forward to the most. As well as seeing my unblood sister Adelle, my headband freak, and my longtime BFF 4eva and ever Jordyn, she is my ultimate shopping partner. And my little brother, Matt, he is really soo cute, when he isn't watching his movies he is playing with his stuffed dog that wears an army skirt and tank top! Well Ellenbrook has been fun, probably coming back next weekend.
xoxo from the study room at my nans

Saturday, October 2, 2010

one stop trench coat shop

I loved burberry, and then i loved it even more wen emma watson became the spokesperson for the label. But what i lov more than Burberry are the trench coats that they sell, big black buttoms, black or beige, yes please! xD

thanks alot

Thanks to my all time favourite mag Girlfrien I have bin inspired find what is so perfect about me and man was it hard. Here is an example of what has bin going down in the gf office:
So here's mine, I'm not perfect but...i lov the way i do my eyeshadow. go 2 gf's facebook page and upload ur pic now!!!!!

irresistible flavour inspired.....

perfumes by Mariah Carey. She has released three new fragrances called Ribbon, Mine Again and Honey all inspired by three irresistable flavours!

help needed.

Ive bin using the candy collection lipgloss from Equip ($9.99) and my favourite flavour was Butter Cream Frosting. I chose this set of lipgloss coz i just lov 2 eat it, but then i started to use carmex, its pretty good for chapped lips (mine aren't chapped tho) but i still use it coz it smells delish. ive bin thinking bout upgrading to the new Maybelline new york gloss, the new sensation one but before i go out and buy every flavoured gloss from this collection, let me know wat u use and if its any good :D

i follow

2day ive started 2 follow a new blog, this the URL: http://fancytreehouse.blogspot.com/. At this moment in time i really like the cropped trench coat the girl is wearing in her latest posts, check it out if you like something different.


Miss Chung was spotted in this Luella dress!

Tie-Dye Colour Palette

Light colours like pinks, purples, yellows and a bit of blue looks so holiday shopping time. Try with diamonds and gold style accessories. Sunnies, like Ray-bans do perfectly. Try pink and white tie-dye skirt with cute white tanks with patterns like puppies or birds in matching tie-dye colours. Frangipani accessories on cute little thongs, beachy bracelets and rocky necklaces. Try names like Rhythm, Sportsgirl, popits and Diva for a perfectly matched outfit. Try pastel bags from Girl Xpress @ K-mart with pink straw and gold lining.
If you wanna to go in the other direction use purple and yellow and aqua tie-dye clothes and make like Valentino using Moringa Body Butter from the Buddy Shop and ZOYA Professional Nail Lacquer in Miley for fun and a to-die-for shop/beach look.

sophistication in a jacket

So cute, adorable and make you look smart! Try soft colours to start with and then slowly approach the darker or bolder shades. Baby pink and light blue's. I think a baby pink supre blazer with a red rose corsage and short sleeves would look cool with a 70's inspired Rip Curl spaghetti strand tank tucked into a leather supre flute skirt. Red accessories will team well, earrings from Diva and a Jendi clutch. This outfit may become pricey but will look ultra fabulous! :D


Bird motel is a great australian online shop where most of there things are really cheap, sold out because there just that great or coming soon because they are so updated!!!!HAVE FUN CHECKING IT OUT!!

How do you wear a floral outfit without looking too girly?

Oscar De La Renta
Well this is were accessories come in. Big flowery headbands can distract eyes away from your frock as well as cute jewellery like plastic beads and charms. Converse sneakers can give the look a little edge. Along with some glittery eyeliner!
House of Holland
Anna Sui

Friday, October 1, 2010

material girl

Madonna has released her own line called Material Girl only at Macy's in America. It stars tons of pink, leather as well as lots of cutsie patterns and studs but honestly I don't understand why Madonna would choose Taylor Momsen to represent her line. It is kind of saying that Taylor is the new Madonna. Back to line, Madonna chose patterns and accessories to atatch to the outfits. There are full outfit essembles, accessories, shoes and bags!!!!

I found wat i was looking for

I loved hearing about all of the cool fashion magazines over in America and other fashion capitals of the world, and shore we have Australian Vogue but what about something for teens??? Teen Vogue took a long time to discover in any Australian newsagent let alone Western Australia/Perth but eventually I did find it. My bestie and I ordered it in but it never arrived but then my mum found it at Mirrabooka Square shopping centre for $8.95. Yesterday I found the September issue at Ellenbrook Newsagent right next door to the local IGA! For $8.95. The only downer is that I can't use any of the american vouchers and discounts which there are plenty of. If you want a little teen inspiration try and search these area's for this month's teen vogue.


The writer of theblondesalad.com now has another amazing look from Milan Fashion Week. I love bronze and gold coloured dresses but they are just so hard to find. If you find one exactly like this one then tell me. This dress is an Amen dress that Chiara is wearing and she is wearing it with a Chanel clutch, I have found one for $1000 but if you can spot a cheaper version with a gold chain handle then please comment. On Chiara's blog she has video's of her at all of the great runway shows like Angelo Marani!