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Monday, August 30, 2010


You have to luv this supermodel, seen many times on the cover of VOGUE & TEEN VOGUE. She's an American model and get this, ballet dancer. She's been in ad campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Lacoste, Oscar De La Renta, she has walked the runways for designers like: Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Givenchy, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Versace.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

more supre stuff

These are the basic loose jumpers. You can get them in colours like blue or purple and you can also get jumpers like these that are cropped! ONLY $15.00!
This dress is $25.00, much cheaper than the Bardot version!This a loose fit dress, ideal for at home lounge-abouts, looks awesome with black stockings underneath and gold accessories!


Supre is having a huge sale with items starting at $2.50! While your their you can also check out some of the new peices and some things that you should be expecting in the future to be HOT!

This is a new poncho style tee. Use these tee's if you are going out to a restaraunt, coz you can eat as much as you like and still look awesome like LC!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I hav found another random shoe site that had me at the home page. stiletoesonline.com is great for all of your shoe, hat and bag needs! Absolutely fabulous, get in contact now, see the site its: http://stiletoesonline.com.au/shopping-cart/shoes  .

xoxo ily


Love sum good aussie fashion? Me 2! I found this website in an old SHOP till you drop magazine. You can save 20% on brands like Life With Birds and 75% on designers like Hussy. Its got a great variety of accessories, bags, tops and dresses, as well as earrings and necklaces, bikinis, bracelets and headbands! With designers like Luxe, Lucette and Wayne Cooper, aren't you just proud 2 be Australian?!
go to http://www.stylepalace.com.au/products/sale  for your online shopping experience!
xoxo ily

Monday, August 23, 2010

Toi et Moi 2011

This is what you should expect from Toi et Moi for Summer next year, cute and sexy, especially some of the hats featured in the range. The studded high waisted shorts are mega cute with Moi tank tops and also there spotted stockings which look awesome with the blue and white striped top = no pants required! xoxo ily
p.s: im also featuring some of the stuff that they will be having in this year!

Valentino & Lacey things

I am soooo obsessed with everything lacey, from the gloves to the corsets from the lacey headband at equip.... anyway, Valentino has impressed me! This duffel bag is just what I need, its elegant but some how sporty, all i need is a pair of lacey heels and then i'll run the oval! xoxo ily

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Tomorrow i will be dedicating a whole post to PANTS! So tune in if you wana know were 2 buy em, how 2 wear em and everything else!

xoxo ily

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm the only thing I'm afraid of

This picture is one that I found off lookbook.nu. It was posted by a michele k, a 19-year-old-girl from Switzerland. The look is called the 'I'm the only thing I'm afraid of'. The only thing that has confused me is the white fluffy arm hanging off of her bag, what is it???? I like the jumper especially how it covers the teared shorts underneath, the nerdy ray-ban glasses are a good match because they go with the large bag!
xoxo il
p.s: keep watching for more looks from this girl

cookies 'n' Katy

I can't ever ever get enough of Katy Perry with her cute as a cupcake style.... but i think her craziness is starting to wear off, i liked it better with her OTT styling in California Gurls but with her Teenage Dream vid, she looks equally as stylish minus the major craziness!
Here she works a classic half up half down hair do and a cute cookie dress, people didn't really know what they were at her concert and were very confused (maybe they should make the cookies bigger).

xoxo ily

milk and honey, anyone?

Ruby Rose has confrimed that she has been working with the designers at milk and honey to create her own collection, milkandhoney designed by Ruby Rose. The line includes some wicked graphic designed tanks and tees, ripped shorts, studded tees and more! You can find the collection in any MYERS store!

xoxo ily

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JEANS choice awards

I love Valleygirl jeans, that is why I have chosen Valleygirl as the tip top holders of the best jeans around, check out there multi-coloured and versatile range of jeans. xoxo ily

Sunday, August 8, 2010

who is the QUEEN?

I was searching through some crime-worthy images on weird news which is on about.com and it came up with this outfit from an Ashish show in London in 2009. The eyeliner is super superior and the length of the dress is just right, btw: I love the straight neckline!
xoxo ily

How do yuo like ur EGGS?

In this case, the eggs are scrambled. This design was featured in a Milan runway shoe at Fashion Week. I think the red and white criss cross pattern is supposed to symbolise a table cloth?

we no speak no AMERICANO

Ohmigiddygod, Chanel is ah-mazing and you don't get more American than this. You can also get fake nails, sunnies, heels, scrunchies and headbands in the american flag pattern! Try using red, blue and white eyeshadows for your eyes and bright red lipstick!
xoxo ily

PiNkINg of U

I love P!nk it is one of my fave colours. I ecspecially love neon and fluro p!nks. Whether its spots, body suits or jackets I love them alll, also try some pink heart glasses for an even girlier tinge!
xoxo ily

Saturday, August 7, 2010

How does Emma Watson show her personality in such NEAT clothes?

Emma was raised in England, but was born in France so of course she is going to look like perfection. She manages to keep in edge and fun in her outfits with stripes, cuffs, heels etc. You CAN NOT say her clothes are boring!
edge+style+glam+elegance= emma.
Check Minkpink, Party and Diva to get the look!
xoxo ily

Dear Victims of holes and other things:

Sometimes I wonder, What the hell were they thinking? Stockings under shorts? You either totally rock the look or it just plain sucks! I mean the only person who is even close to pulling off that look is Nicole Richie. Kate Moss looks pretty average and Alice Dellal looks worse than some people, I choose not to name. I mean, they look so un-kept if they are full of holes and that is one rule from 'The 50 Rules of Great Style' handbook. If you are thinking of wearing them, keep them in mid-condition!
xoxo ily

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


B4 i leave i hav 2 admitt that i hav already bought a little sumthing sumthing for myself! It was a total necessity: MODE nail polish in 'Cool As' and BYS eyeliner.
xoxo ily
(note to self: no more spending!)


It scares me how stylish these gossip girls are.
Go to Valley Girl for those trench coats for $49.95 in like every colour! The high socks and tights are so prep along with the signature headband, symbolising a tiara fit for a Queen of highschool

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check out the shoe-drobe! Aaaah the possiblities!
xoxo ily

Heya, my amigos!

Thought that the metallic colours went like soooooo well together! Who wouldn't wear these everyday.
(aaah, i <3 hightops)
 xoxo ily

Toi et Moi

Not that this is from the wikked brand Toi et Moi (coz its not, its a morgan bag), I just thought it was cool that you could save the earth and read the morning dirt while out shopping. It is the super bag!
   xoxo  ily


Good night 4 now awesome bloggers.
I will 4eva luv u all!


Lego, lego and even more lego. Just thought ya'll all be interested in seeing these random snaps of lego on the runway, streets and at home. To make your own lego hair clips buy some clips and glue together a wikked pattern and stick that onto your clip or just go 2 diva to buy your primary colour set of three lego block earrings.      xoxo ily                                      


How random is this, like who would ever think of Burberry maccas and Paul Smith sundaes. So lol:)
xoxo ily


Each shoe has its own type of style, my faves are the red and black snake skin boots. If you want a brighter look go for the third ones across on the top or for a total day at the beach fish'n'chips look go for the pink and orange ones underneath!

                      xoxo ily

Roll up! Roll up!

For all those shorties out there, these are nearly taller than Lady Gaga's epic fail heels. The colour combos totally just go together for that EH MA GAWD shoe.
  xoxo ily
(studs= matching accessories)

Ciao Bella

I love you, whoever you are mr cool hunter! This pic is one of my faves, old school disco style. I love the fake eyelashes way OTT (btwub: buy them from Gloss), headwraps so dardy (I find the best from Diva, Valley Girl or Equip). Puffy shoulders or just plain ruffles look super sweet on either a dress or a jacket. Anything out of the norm and way too big will just complete this look!

 ily xoxo

Monday, August 2, 2010

Muchos Grazias

This pic is from another cool site called thecoolhunter.com. I love the extreme craziness of these outfits and also the randomness. If only chanel really made maccas designer clothes.         


This is a picture i got off a wicked website called LOOKBOOK.nu. This is a picture of a 17 year-old from Las Vegas. The whole outfit is basically Burberry, loving the high socks and silver chains , shoulder pads go great with that kind of hair styling and the lipstick colour is just ah-mazing!
keep checkin here for more pictures from her!

Ohla Chicas

This is mwa in my sequintastic get-to-together from Chica Booti! Only $12.50. Sorry ladies, all sold out, closing down sale in Perth City. Had to line up forever! I wore this to my besties hummasine party,side braid was sooo back then, we were all in black and silver!:) I'll be lettin u know wen there is a mega-wikked sale on so keep checkin up on me!
xoxo mwah mwah mwah ily

btwub: frills neva die, black nail polish never chips and no mum dangly earrings are NOT 2 heavy!