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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

now its a COW

A while ago I posted about a pair of cheetah print wedges and heels but now i have found something even more courageous and amazingly it totally suits the outfit. If you are able to find something simillar to this then i recommend having wavy hair and you can even try adding beads and feathers.
The girl in this photo got these clogs at a flea market!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ROAR! it was my shoes

This is another look i found on lookbook.nu and thought the boots were totally random, if you are able to find any wedges like these let me know. I also then recognised that i have seen these boots on Gossip Girl star, Jessica Szohr in them. These ones that i have found are from Topshop.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I'm here to give you this look, starting with Razzamatazz tights, check out Country road or Chica Booti for scarves and for a bag see Forever New, they have them in for only $79.99

a crystal bra for milan fashion week

I had a big surprise this morning when i was on lookbook.nu. I found this ah-mazing outfit by a girl called Chiara F, a 23 year old from Milan who was invited to many of the shows on mfw. I also found out that she is the writer on one of my favourite blogs theblondesalad.com.
Don't you just love the bra!!!!! I have a simillar one in black from Cotton On Body for i think it was only $8.95.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A man's touch

Now that guy grunge is making an appearance in many girls wardrobes (been called the 'boyfriend's jacket' look) i have decided to look to my favourite shops for advice on how to wear guy like clothing designed for girl. Starting with an Alexa tab flannelet top($69.95) with folded arms tucked into some Asher high waisted cuff shorts($79.95) and top it all off with a Jersey Tuck Blazer ($119.95) you can also grab some of those cool bowler shoes from either Zu shoes, Betts or most shoe retailers. This look was seen in many episodes in Gossip Girl Season 1 on 'chuck it on' stylista Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

stripes on stripes

I always say that you can wear stripes on stripes but there was never any chat about spot. Team little spotted tanks with a big spotted mini to acheive the look, if you want to, try this with a scarf and a tank for a safer option or for school try a headband and some earrings!
xoxo ily

air and water

I love the cutesty look especially when we add some moccasian boots and a mini blazer but i couldn't seem to find an absolute look-a-like for the  dress, i settled with this blue dress from minkpink, $69.95, like in the pic, for some extra volume try teasing, curling or crimping your hair, no hippie headband required!
xoxo ily

the dress underneath

We've seen this military/floral dress combination many a time but this is something new because, i actually own this dress. Go for some gladiator heels from Betts, a label necklace from Equip, the jacket from Valleygirl (go for a long style for a city look) and then the dress underneath, minkpink.
xoxo ily

daisy chain

Do you want this necklace, i want this necklace. You can get the exact same one in Diva ($22.99) but in a baby pink for the skirt see SunnyGirl ($39.95) and if you want some floral converse go to Forever New, their only $29.99!
i have a gree clutch purse from Forever New, its way old but you can find 1 with a chain from Target of Chica Booti.
xoxo ily
p.s: (reminds me of Daisy Lowe with her pale statement belt)

flower power and genie wishes

I heart little flowery things and when i saw this outfit i thought instantly of the pair of Rip Curl shorts, $69.99, i saw there ah-mazingly cute and would go awesome if you didn't want to wear the high harems, keep with pale heels, do awesome with a pale pink lip and the bag.
xoxo ily.

shiny KATY

The other week I posted a pic of Katy Perry in her yummay cookie outfit but this week she goes into full diamond ballerina mode. I love p!nk and i wouldn't be surprised if she rocked up 2 her wedding in this!
xoxo ily

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I love zip accessories so when i saw this picture i fell in love. I've got zip bows, zip braceletsand even a zip heaband (all from Diva). The only thing i could find was a pair of leggings from Supre that had gold studded nuggets all over em, their ah-mazing and $30.
xoxo ily.