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Friday, January 14, 2011

a little bit late but better than nothing right...

This actually from when I went to Hillary's last week, my camera chord was being stupid then though so I only got them uploaded this morning :/ So this is my friend Jordyn and I, I do have pictures of my other friend Jess, but I didn't know if it would be okay with her if I put them on here without her consent. We actually really just walked around for a bit and got some chips and went for a few swims and a jump off the jetty, all that activity and im the only one (i think) who got the maja sun burn :( along the way we took random snaps of some of the things they had in windows, a huge poster of australian model samantha harris, plaque's from some of australia's biggest stars and because we couldn't get into the great escape we sat outside of it and took pictures of all of the people having fun. how depressing. but it was way fun with my girlies and Hillary's is such a big part in perth's australian culture. leave a comment <3
elegante ebb
samantha harris 4 seafolly

jordyn's big head :p

view of the great escape from the outside of the great escape