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Saturday, January 1, 2011

i just dance the way i feel

Hey guys
im still trying to figure out how to upload these silly video diaries of me onto my blog so im just posting this random pick i found on tumblr. I just thought that it was cute and funny and just totally random.
Tomorrow i will be heading down to the Belmont swap meet, it is defiantly my favourite one out of all of the ones i have been to, hopefully i can do some good thrifting and find some new high end pieces to mix with some more vintage like items, I have found some really great stuff at this particular swap meet, including brand new shoes, tons of fashion magazines, bags, some clothes and some really cool old style bracelets, all very cheap, which is also great! I would love to be able to find some more magazines to help complete my 2011 style file which includes inspiring pictures of what sort of style I have. Well I'll go and take some pics of some of the items tomorrow and post them on here ASAP!! hav a good sunday people.
elegante ebb

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