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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 be or not to be, 2 tumble or not 2 tumble??

Hey followers, I am comtemplating whether to create a tumblr account to post all of my inspiring pics up on,as many tumblr blogs inspire me!! If I do create an account it would restrict my bloggy-woggy to style diary entries, random snappy's off MY camera and vid's!! IDK what to do, I have to know what you guys think and I will defiantly ask my facebook friends, as they have told me that i need a twitter acount because I have to many status'!!! let me know as soon as possible what you think I should do!
elegante eb


  1. I think that you should create a tumblr account if you have many inspiring pics in your pc that you would like to share. You can always keep one or another special pic to make inspiration post here on blogger once in a while! I always love to see a bit of other photographs in other people's blogs, it shows me what kind of inspiration that person has! That's my opinion! :)))


  2. yer, i just have to wait for mymums 'approval', i really hope she lets me hav one, i hav like a trillion pics on my desktop, im starting to forget which ones i do and don't have :p
    thanks 4 sharing as always Nadia