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Thursday, December 30, 2010


hey bloggers
after watching sum video's from Lily's blog (she writes lymrs, idk how 2 spell it, check my blog list) i hav decided that if i don't hav a photographer to take my pics i will make some style diaries the old way, a Kodak camera sitting on top of my new flatscreens platform, filming me in my room. sooo hopefully i can get my mum to upload my new video tomorrow or the day after, or maybe even tonight, it is actually nerve racking filming yourself and its even funnier to watch me, so i am asking, no wait, wait, pleading that you could ignore my voice and just watch, turn off your speakers and just watch, I have included a sweet little pic with this entry to keep you amused until i can upload the vid's

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  1. ohh those are lovely shoes!
    laurie x

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