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Sunday, November 28, 2010

........around the edge

I haven't been to Valleygirl lately and I usually prefer the high fashion scene but when you live in a suburb that is on the opposite end of the city you make do with your Galleria. Valleygirl has always been such a great shop changing alot as the trends come, like my military/sailor jacket $49.95 or my see-through-ruffle-blouse $19.95. Now it's a bit more like Forever New and Sportsgirl, so this summer, im trading the black for cute florals but like Valleygirl keeping the eyeliner, ray-bans and rough accessories :P In the last holiday's I adopted a cute floral crop tee with embroidary around the top and small wooden buttons only $9.95 :D
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3


  1. such a gorgeous photograph! nice blog,

  2. hey guys, thanx 4 checking out my spot, can use please follow. thanx sooo much
    im goin 2 go check out ur blog now Katie, thanx :D